Guardianship Law

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Guardianship is a court process to legally appoint a person to make medical or financial decisions for another person. While Guardianship is sometimes necessary, the process and/or procedures can be very cumbersome. There are many reasons to seek a Guardianship.  Some of the most common are as follows.

  • Seeking to obtain guardianship of a person and or the estate of a person with a disability.
  • Disputes over who has guardianship or the person with a disability has objected to guardianship.
  • Bringing cross-petitions for guardianship on behalf of family members or others who want to serve as legal guardian.
  • Creating estate plans for those who are not capable of making sound decisions.

The most common examples of guardianship can include a child with special needs turning of legal age or an adult losing capacity to make personal decisions suffering from the effects of dementia, an accident, or stroke.  There are also instances where time is of the essence and a favorable resolution is required right away. At Heitz and Bromberek,Ltd., we take guardianship cases very seriously and here to answer any questions you may have.

Living with a disability or mental illness, can be very difficult for individuals as well as their families. Many challenges may arise when there are other family members involved. Many times family members may have differences of opinion as to how their loved ones should be cared for. Our firm is dedicated to helping our clients protect their loved ones whether minors, seniors or those with disabilities to ensure their loved ones get the support and care they deserve.

Those in need of immediate legal action have contacted Heitz and Bromberek to navigate through the many complexities and challenges often associated with guardianship. We can help you achieve an efficient resolution to your family situation. Contact us today to discuss your situation and we will help identify the important legal issues and seek to develop an effective strategy to help you achieve the remedy or relief you seek.

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