Heitz & Bromberek, Ltd. represents multiple business and individuals needing a tenacious team to navigate them through the ins and outs of employment law disputes. Additionally we provide counsel to our clients to help avoid potential problems and make sure they are protected. While we represent employers, some of the most meaningful and gratifying cases have involved representing former employees who have been wronged.

Heitz and Bromberek, Ltd., represents individuals in discrimination, civil rights, retaliatory discharge, contract, commissions and other wage theft claims, and related civil cases. If need be, we use the legal system to bring justice to those who have been discriminated against, suffered from wage theft, harassment and other employment law cases that need to be filed in court. We have handled a number of oppression and exploitation cases and seek favorable resolutions outside of court as well.

The lawyers at Heitz and Bromberek, Ltd., bring a vast of experience to the table and can help you in multiple areas of employment law.  While there are many areas of employment law, our core areas of focus include:

Overtime and Wage Disputes
Non-Compete Clauses
Wrongful Termination
Severance Agreements
Sexual Harassment Cases

At Heitz and Bromberek, we work diligently to solve workplace disputes and provide viable employment law resolutions and work diligently to bring our clients justice.

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